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Business Partners


Prolific Learning Corp. offers individuals with disabilities a path to a meaningful career or education. Every consumer has a team of staff members dedicated to preparing them for education or employment through educational counseling, resume building, application guidance, financial literacy, and interview preparation. We build relationships with each individual in our program to find the best-suited environment for their personality, job skills, educational level, and strengths. We then strategically match businesses with our consumers to establish mutually beneficial experiences.


When business partners hire our clients, they are not simply hiring an individual; they hire an experienced team of professionals.


Prolific Learning Corp. provides ongoing support for a minimum of 3-5 months, depending on the consumer’s needs, to ensure a high job retention rate of 85%. Job coaching is also available upon request. A Prolific Learning Corp. job coach will accompany a new hire through the established business orientation and training process. Our coaches are skilled in working with all types of personalities and abilities and will assist business partner trainers in the onboarding process of our clients so they can learn and execute the responsibilities of their position successfully. Coaches will collaborate with business partner trainers to teach clients in a manner they understand and can relate to. The coach is available to work with the new employee as much as needed and slowly tapers off service as they become more confident and independent.

Business Meeting


     On-the-Job Training (OJT) is an opportunity for business partners to mentor individuals with a disability, helping them develop the skills needed to realize their career goals. Our business partners have no liability regarding insurance or wages as Prolific Learning Corp. is the employer of record during a client’s OJT experience.


Once a client completes an OJT, the business partner may extend a job offer without incurring any fees from Prolific Learning Corp. Additionally, our team will assist in the transition and provide additional training or coaching.

The average length of an OJT is six to eight weeks. Training length is based on employer needs and the difficulty of the job. Although employers are not required to offer a job at the completion of an OJT, extending a job offer to a candidate is always a consideration.

Benefits & FAQ's

We pay wages

We covers all employee payroll for clients participating in
On the Job Training

No risk to Host

Liability insurance and Workman’s Comp is covered

Liability insurance of $1,000,000 is covered by PLC. Workman’s compensation insurance is covered by the State of Florida.

on-site support

A PLC Job Coach will visit the worksite on a regular basis to provide support not only to the client but also to the host business. At each visit, the Job Coach will check in with the consumer & supervisor to ensure sucess.

peak season

If your business has a peak season, busy season, or has any special projects you can utilize students for On the Job Training to assist during these time periods

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