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Housing & Electrical Assistance

Items to Bring to Your Appointment

1. Application completely filled out (click paperclip link)
2. ID & SS Cards (all household members)
3. Paystubs, proof of income, employment verification
4. Copy of Lease
5. Past Due notice or Eviction Notice
6. Property Appraisal
7. Landlord Packet

Air Conditioner

Electrical Assistance/HVAC Replacement

ALPI Logo.jpg

If you are in need of electrical assistance or feel you meet the criteria for HVAC replacement, click the attachment below and fill out an application, and mail it to ALPI (PO Box 3126, Winter Haven, FL 33885), or you may submit it to our office. 

If you are applying for the HVAC replacement, write HVAC across the top of the application and attach two (2) quotes for replacement from two (2) different AC companies. 

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